Discover what the MotoGP Paddock is

Discover what's a MotoGP Paddock and first hand experience the World Championship, thanks to the and first hand experience the World Championship, thanks to the, an exclusive brand by Vanessa Viaggi. Non vedi l’ora di partire? Dai GP “di casa” come quello del Mugello a quelli più lontani come Austin, scopri subito gli eventi a disposizione oppure approfondisci di seguito di cosa si tratta e cosa ti proponiamo.

What is the MotoGP Paddock?

The MotoGP paddock is an exclusive area next to the pit boxes, where you can find the trucks, campers, hospitality structures, and technical equipment of the teams that are taking part in a certain competition. Essentially, it's the backstage of the MotoGP World Championship, where you can meet in person the greatest motorbike champions and see them without filters. Here, you will uncover the secrets of your hosting team , and you will have the chance to meet your heroes.

How to Get Access to the Paddock

You can only access MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3’s paddocks with a Paddock pass, reserved to the teams’ special guests and to a few selected agencies, such as Vanessa Viaggi. It is a strictly reserved area, where the common audience can’t go. However, thanks to our Paddock Experiences you won't be part of the crowd and you will have the chance to live the MotoGP side by side with pilots, mechanics, and journalists, as you were one of them.

Access to the Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP Paddock is only possible with a Paddock pass, reserved for esteemed guests of a team in competition and a few select entities, like ours.

Paddock Pass MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3

What is included in the Vanessa Paddock Experience?

The Paddock Pass allows you to move freely around the Paddock, observe the race preparations, share spaces with technicians and mechanics, and meet your heroes, namely the MotoGP champions and those of other categories. Our Passes also include snacks, meals, and beverages offered in the hospitality area, and the gadgets from the hosting team..

With our Paddock Passes, you will spend an entire weekend as a guest of one of our partner teams, with full access to the Paddock area.You will have the chance to freely wander around the reserved area, sharing the thrill and the fun of the race with your heroes.

Your Paddock Pass will allow you to:

  • Enjoy the hospitality reserved to racing professionals
  • Access the pit boxes
  • Witness with your own eyes all the preparations before the race
  • Witness with your own eyes all the preparations before the race
  • Assistenza in loco per tutta la durata dell’evento

Vanessa Paddock Experience

Access to the paddock and races is just one part of the experience we can offer. The Vanessa Paddock experience is fully customizable: not only can you choose the race, category, and team, but also various servizi extra come flights, hotels, transfers, on-site activities, etc.

Our travel experts are available to build a customized package to make your weekend in
paddock worry-free, we'll take care of every detail of your trip.

Customized companies and services

Vanessa Paddock provides a range of packages specifically designed for businesses, with extensive customization possibilities to create a completely tailored experience team building.

We can organize team building experiences, hotels, flights, private transfers, karting races, meetings with the riders, and much more.

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